Monday, November 1, 2010

I went to the grocery store with Ollie twice this past weekend.

The first trip was mostly fine. I did notice that all the other moms and dads had their kids nicely sitting in the shopping cart, quietly enjoying their trip to the store. There was one perfectly turned out mom and daughter. They were having the best time. The little girl would delight over samples of food here and there. At one point a little bird landed on her shoulder and began to chirp and the mom took out her iphone and snapped a little video. And then the mom and bird exchanged email addresses so the mom could email the bird the video. It was awesome.

But not my kid. Ollie doesn’t like carts in grocery stores. (Unless you’re buying 12 pumpkins for his class at school and he gets to sit in the cart with them. But that was only once and pumpkins were not on this shopping list.)

So, we were in the store and it was crowded and Ollie was trying to pull the cart here and there while I was trying to shop. And did I mention it was crowded?

We went to the deli counter and I ordered Ollie a burrito. I asked for rice, beans and cheese. I said make it on the small side because it’s for him, as I pointed at Ollie.

The woman asked what kind of rice we wanted. For the record there was white rice, and white rice with cilantro and Spanish rice (which was white rice).

I said white rice, please. She said, “I’m going to give you Spanish rice, it’s healthier.”

I just didn’t care enough to argue.

I was actually kind of amused. This is the 2nd time in a month I’ve ordered Ollie food and been redirected to something healthier by the woman serving me.

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