Monday, November 22, 2010


this is kind of a gross story so i apologize in advance.

i went to a summer camp in boulder creek one year. it was fanastic. i loved it. one thing i remember, is one of the counselors, named janet. i remember janet becuase she wore a tiny, itsy bitsy string bikini. and she snuck off to meet a boy one night, and came back and told us about it. and because she wore false eyelashes because apparently she liked to remove her eyelashes. with her fingers. she also wore incredibly long fake nails.

yesterday i was getting dressed and putting on my face. (i'm not really sure why i bother w/ things like blush--it lasts for about 2 hours and then it's gone and i never reapply. but everyday i do pretty much the same thing to my face.)

i stood in the bathroom mirror and curled my eyelashes. my left eye was done and i was working on my right eye. i have a new curler. it's not very cooperative and i've been struggling with it.

anyway, i was standing there, curling my lashes when i sort of tripped. my elbow slipped. my feet wavered. i'm not sure which happend first, the feet wavering or the elbow slipping, however, i YANKED out about 1/3 of my eyelashes on the top of of my right eye. it made the most awful sound. i was shocked. it hurt like hell for one, it sounded terrible and my eyelid now has a bald spot. once i got over the pain, i stared at the cluster of eyelashes stuck to my curler. i was inclined to start to try to pull them off the curler to show gabe (weird, yes?), so he could see the volume that was ripped out of my eye, but they slipped into the sink so i ran the water and watched them go down the drain. i was stunned.

almost immediately after this happened i got something in my eye.

i've been putting a tiny bit of dark eyeliner along my eye in the baldspot. i think it's helping hid the missing lashes. or i look like what's her name from grey gardens.

according to wikipedia, eyelashes grow back in 7-8 weeks. i'm waiting.

and for the record, i didn't curl my remaining eyelashes this morning.


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Elizabeth said...

I have had a similar slip of the fingers (lotiony hands shouldn't be used for wielding eyelash curlers, Elizabeth!) but I didn't actually do any damage. Several weeks of eyelashness would be horrifying, particularly since I have stubby eyelashes as it is...I don't have any to spare!

Pandi said...

Terrible. Many years ago I accidentally ripped out a good amount of eyelashes and they never grew back. I hope your hair follicles are less disobedient than mine.

Also: Shu Uemura. Do it!

tracey colla said...

to update all those who're waiting on the edge of their seats: they appear to be growing back!!!!!