Saturday, October 8, 2011


excuse the silence over here. i got back from my trip back east wednesday night and i've been going ever since.

the excitement in our house today? ollie started using the toilet. yep, the big boy potty. out of the blue i asked him if he wanted to try it. and then i bribed him -- and i'm not ashamed to admit it. i offered a trip to the store to buy one "cars" toy. and he got up and walked into the bathroom, took off every stitch of clothing but his socks, and sat down and did it. then he did it again tonight.

lots of celebrating and high fiving around our house today. we made a BIG DEAL over his accomplishment.

tomorrow we plan on tackling reading or making the perfect margarita, not sure which yet.

totally unrelated, here's a picture from a walk two weekends ago.

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