Thursday, October 27, 2011


i'm a long time fan of girl's gone child. she had her daughter, fable, right before i had ollie, and i loved reading her blog while i was pregnant. (and before i was pregnant. and after.) anyway, girl's gone child's mom's cooking posts are fantastic. check out this one, about cast iron skillets.

i come from a family of red wine vinaigrette lovers. my nono would make it. my aunt sandi makes a killer avocado-tomato salad that's insanely delicious (and dressed with rwv), and i grew up in a house that either had this or blue cheese nightly on our green salad. i've been trying to duplicate gabrielle's red wine vinaigrette since i visited last month. (for the record, i wasn't adding basil and oregano.) i can't wait 'til dinner tomorrow. it's on!

i went for almost an entire year eating oatmeal every day for breakfast. then one day i couldn't look at oatmeal again. it's been years. this makes me want to revisit oatmeal.

holly, from nothing but bonfires is always a treat to read. she turned me onto birchbox and i signed up tonight.

i was bummed that ollie and i got home tonight at 6:30 and it was practically dark. i'm kind of getting excited about cold weather though, and getting to wear stuff like this cowl. cozy!

this isn't a link, but i'm sharing it anyway because the cuteness is killing me. about a month ago my little brother and his girlfriend had a baby. i want to eat her cheeks.
also, she has my bro's chin dimple and it makes my heart swell with love for her. wish we all lived closer.

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