Monday, October 24, 2011

the weekend started off great. we had a really good saturday. (sunday, not so good. i woke up with a stomach bug or food poisoning.)

almost every morning when he wakes up, ollie asks us, "school today?" on saturday he was thrilled to hear that there was no school.

the weather was gorgeous, with temps hovering around 80 both days. we spent saturday outside. we walked to the bakery, to the coffee shop and then to the playground.

these trees are behind the claremont hotel. ollie thinks the claremont is a big castle.

we like to go to john muir elementary school to play on their playground. we also like to sneak in the back and see the chickens. what a magical school. there's an amphitheather and a garden.

talking to the chickens.

playing at the park

hanging on the patio

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