Friday, October 28, 2011

years ago, way before ollie, way before marriage, we went to target and stocked up on emergency kits. we put them in jumbo suitcases in our garage. they moved with us from one house in the city to another. when we moved to our current house, last october, g picked through them and put all of the stuff that was salvagable into paper bags and shoved them into a closet downstairs. we have nothing set aside for ollie. we have no water, no food, no wine.

in the past week there've been three earthquakes, all between 3.6 and 4.0, and within miles of our house. earthquakes never used to scare me and now they terrify me. mostly because i worry about ollie. yesterday's earthquake at 5:30 AM jolted the three of us awake. ollie cried and we told him not to worry. my heart though, was pounding. he had to have noticed.

this weekend, in between dinner with friends and halloween parties, i plan on getting those emergency kits in place.

more on the quakes here.
happy weekend.

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