Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a case of the mondays

i have a bracelet for shauna sitting on a shelf by the front door, waiting to be mailed.
(sorry shauna. i drove it around i my car for two weeks and then moved it back into the house.)

i made soup today and didn't eat it. instead i ate a heavily buttered piece of baguette for dinner. by piece i mean three quarters. the night isn't over yet either.

i don't think my kid ate a single vegetable today. and i know he needed a bath before bed, but i let him skip it, dirty nails and sweaty hair.

i have a shit-ton of work to do.

i haven't exercised in almost 4 weeks, i've been eating like shit and it shows.

i promised to send my brother and his girlfriend something they want to borrow for their new baby and it's going on 2 weeks and i still can't find it. to top it off, ollie left something at my brother's 2 weeks ago and my brother mailed it the next day. i feel extra shitty.

it's late and i have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn. g'night!!

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