Monday, July 18, 2011

Good fun, day 7

I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and time to go shopping, all by myself, with no specific time I had to be home. There wasn’t a whole lot that floated my boat, but I did score a shirt, sweater and some earrings. Not so sure about the earrings but I’m looking for an excuse to wear the shirt.

Saturday night we ate dinner at Addie’s Pizza Pie. I really like it there—the pizza is good, the service is incredibly nice and it’s Ollie-friendly.

We got a pizza with prosciutto. Ollie loves prosciutto—he calls it “shooto.” He ate the prosciutto off of every piece but two. Whatever keeps him quiet. Sodium in this case.
Also, I finally joined Pinterest. Things might be a bit quiet around these parts. I tend to get obsessive.
Good fun inspired by Maggie Mason.

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