Tuesday, July 26, 2011

monday was day 13 (of good, fun things). ollie woke up really sick and we ended up spening the day in the ER.


i'm too tired to write about it but the good news: he's on the mend. as much as monday sucked, i was just glad to have my guy home last night. i was glad to be home with both my guys last night. and, another good thing--the folks who work at oakland children's hospital are incredible. what they do every day is important.

after a very restless night, today (day 14 for those counting) i had to work. it was a busy day. it was wonderful to come home and see my guys. and tonight we read a really cute, funny book, called Bongo Larry.


as much as i've enjoyed the good, fun day stuff, i'm kind of bored of trying to find good in everything. (sort of kidding here.) we'll see if i continue or not.

fun link, from lost at e minor. artist, sacha goldberger took pictures of joggers after a sprint, and then asked them to come to his studio a week later.


pics by sacha goldberger, via lost in e minor.

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Elizabeth said...

I love love love that joggers series!
It's funny because I did happen to take a post-Dailey Method picture the other day because I was looking AWFUL and I love that a shower and some mascara later, I (hopefully) look like a different person.