Wednesday, July 20, 2011

good fun thing day 10

often i'll get ollie down, then hang out for a few hours until i go to bed. tonight i fell asleep in ollie's room room until gabe woke me up at 9:15. then i came out to the couch and fell asleep until 11. it's now after midnight and i'm wide awake. go me!

i'm a pessimist and this good fun thing is making me change my thinking. so i guess that's good, right?

+ this afternoon as i was leaving the city, i got a phone call from a former colleague. she happened to be in berkeley and wanted to know if i wanted to meet for coffee. we went to guerilla cafe. i really look up to this person and it was nice to catch up. i left feeling like i had things more in perspective.

++ also, i am sorry if ollie is hogging this blog lately, but i have to share. hand dimples make me happy. they just do.


+++ this morning, before work and daycare, my dad called and said he was coming to say hi to ollie. it was an unexpected (10 minute) visit.

++++ link. beth spotswood makes me laugh.

today while sitting in traffic on the bay bridge, thinking of changing this blogging thing into shitty bad things, i saw a car with 2 bumper stickers. one said redneck. the other said orgasm donor. i did a double take. there was no way i could take a picture because the car was in a lane that was actually moving. and i was driving. but i did want to share this. i'm sure that sticker gets the guy a lot of donor opportunities.


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