Saturday, July 16, 2011

good fun things day 6

l u a u tonight at ollie's school. all week i've been on the fence and then yesterday i decided we weren't going, so i didn't sign us up. one of the moms in his class emailed me asking if we'd be going, so i decided we would go. i asked the director if we could crash the party and she gave us the thumb's up. i'm glad we went. in the past there hasn't always been a big turn out from parents of kids in his class, but tonight was pretty good. it was fun to meet some of the parents i never see due to different drop off/pick up schedules. and tonight there was music and beer. even better.

after the party s. and ollie decided they'd shoot some hoops before going home. too cute.

today when i arrived at ollie's school one of the teachers told me she had to give him a sponge bath today because he had somehow been covered in dirt while they were playing outside. i can only imagine what he was doing. dirt in his hair, his diaper, etc. i was only half joking when i asked her if this meant i wouldn't have to bathe him tonight. she told me i'd definitely need to bathe him tonight and mentioned that there was still dirt in his hair. i wonder if the teachers are catching on to me. you see, his last bath was last saturday at my folks' house. is that gross? don't answer that. today is friday. it is gross. i've been slacking on bath time because he had swim lessons two nights this week. and he's in a stage where he doesn't ever want to take a bath. i promise to be better about your hygiene, ollie. here is he smiling in the tub. that's because i told him we could watch dinosaur train and eat popsicles after the bath. (yes, i resorted to bribery. i was weak. )

- - - - - - - - -
on the agenda for the weekend? chores, shopping, haircut and o's first movie, cars 2, with a handful of kids from his class. actually it's o's first cars movie period. i doubt we'll make it through the entire almost 2 hours. (thank god.)

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