Friday, July 15, 2011

good fun thing(s) days 3 and 4

driving down 280 is a good thing. there's never too much traffic and the scenery is pretty. yesterday i went down to palo alto with leonard cohen cranked up high. sometimes i really love driving. the clouds were so amazingly beautiful, i pulled over to photograph them.
maybe i went to too many dead shows as a teenager. i love fluffy, marshmallowy clouds and the way the light plays off of them.

i love the still quiet of libraries. and the way books smell. today i explored the uc berkeley campus with my cousins and aunt. one of my cousins is considering ucb for college next year. (she was born when i was a freshman in college. really, i don't think anything has ever made me feel so OLD.)

cousins and aunts (as mentioned above) came to visit. they spent the night and today i took the day off to hang out. ollie tried to boss the cousins around (he called them his friends.) we ate and talked and laughed. my aunt is amazing and the cousins, aged 12, 14 and 16 are the cutest. last night, before bedtime, gabe put on an ella fitzgerald album and we sat around and listened to music and talked. i made the girls licorice tea. my 12-year old cousin updated her facebook status: "sitting around, listening to ella fitzgerald, drinking licorice tea and looking at the sf bay. it's delovely." cute.

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