Wednesday, July 13, 2011

good fun thing, day 2

i have fond memories of swim lessons as a kid, at the ymca. i mostly have a pretty shitty memory but i can still remember the way the pool smelled and the way the sun would shine through the leaves that surrounded the pool at the end of the day. and my teachers named cindy and sally. i wanted my name to be cindy or sally, or better yet, cindy sally.

today was ollie's very first swim lesson.

i was anxious because i didn't know where we were going, i wanted to feed him in between daycare and his class, traffic was awful, and to be honest, i get a bit nervous when i do something like this for the first time. i like to be early to new things, so much so, that i'm usually painfully early to things. when i fly i usually end up at my gate 2-3 hours before my flight boards. my dad is the same way and i make fun of him.

i didn't want o. to be nervous or pick up on my anxiety so i tried to be cool. you know, for my two and a half year old. no big fuckin' deal, olls, your mom is cool.

once we got there, it was fine. totally unpretentious and cute to see all the parents and kids.

ollie thinks he already knows how to swim. when i hold him in the water, he tries to shake me off, like i'm cramping his style and just being annoying. little does he know. he wanted to jump in and go under water. he also kept asking to go to other lanes, with bigger kids.

before his lesson, in the ladies' locker room he met a young gal who ended up being in his class. he tried to pick up on her during the class but she wasn't interested. thank god he took a hint.

it was FUN! we both can't wait until the next swim lesson.


the state health department requires that all children 42 months old and younger, wear non-disposable, washable swim diapers. i don't recall it being like this when we were young, but then again, we never wore sunscreen either.


Elizabeth said...

You know, I'm pretty sure *I* had a swimming teacher named Cindy tooooooooooo! I wouldn't be surprised if it was the SAME Cindy!

tracey colla said...

YMCA on Alameda?