Sunday, July 24, 2011

good fun thing(s) day(s) 10, 11 and 12

pretty sunset


+ g had a show with the orange peels at the make-out room in sf. one of the teachers from ollie's school watched him. i raced home, made them dinner, made myself something to eat, paid my fastrak bill (since my debit card was hacked i had to get a new card, which meant that fastrak freaked out), washed my face, changed and bolted out the door. of course, i had no gas, so i stopped for gas. and i tried to get money out to pay the sitter and i forgot my new pin number. i was a little frantic. by this time gabe was 10 minutes away from playing. i raced to the freeway and got off in emeryville like a dork. then i circled the mission for EVER looking for parking. i finally made it and saw three songs. they sounded great!

+ after the show we joined john and suzie for dinner at dosa. dinner number two for me. i couldn't help myself.


- in the middle of the night ollie woke up and i went in to get him and bring him back to our room. he was burning up. we went back to sleep for a while and when we woke up, he was still warm. we played for a while and then, at around 10, he fell asleep on the couch. this is very unlike ollie. we tried to move him to the bedroom and it didn't work. i took his temp and it was 101.3. we would not be joining daddy in the city for lunch. ollie and i spent the day in front of the tv. we napped in my bed for a couple of hours and watched a shit-ton of thomas the train. daddy and i loathe thomas the train.

+ by the time gabe got home, ollie's temp was gone and he was asking to eat at "the restaurant." we went to tacubaya. i'm in LOVE with their tortilla soup. LOVE.

little boy feels better


+ today was all about hanging at home, chores, and naps. i went and got my hair cut and then we went to little star for kyle's birthday. i think they're better than zachary's. their pizza and their salads are both so GOOD!

little star, i love your cornmeal crust.

i love summer. i love long days, lots of daylight and sandle weather. don't end summer.

happy boy, purple horse.

+ my youngest brother's girlfriend is having a baby in september. we're throwing the shower next saturday. i asked ollie if he wanted to come see uncle chris. he said he did. "and his baby?" he asked. i told him that the baby would come a few weeks before his birthday. he said, "dadda, uncle chris is having a baby for my birthday." yeah ollie, something like that. i asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted this year. ollie said, "a pink one." whatever you say little guy.

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Elizabeth said...

My debit card was hacked too! Interesting!