Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Searching the web for jewelery is like window shopping on the couch. Behold, pretty jewelry finds!

This ring, from Supermarket is similar to a ring I had as a kid:

I'm loving these earrings from Etsy seller Masaoms:

This necklace from Mayerain's Etsy Shop is fun:

Bijou Girl Designs has a sweet leaf ring:

Michelle Chang's Etsy shop has some neat pieces, like this ring for instance:

Melissa Joy Manning's Diamond in the Raw is both gorgeous and out of my price range:

Melissa Joy Manning's jewelry is made in Oakland, California, by metalsmiths who earn a living, working wage.

I saw these pieces by Sarah Graham at a gallery over the weekend. At $7,000 plus, they're way (way, way, way) out of my league. But so pretty:

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